News | Charity lock-in at Love Leeds charity shop

Students have the chance to prove that one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold at an event tonight at the Love Leeds charity shop.
The event is a lock-in in which a tote bag can be filled with as much as the buyer can find for £5, or a canvas shopping bag can be filled for £10.
The aim of the event is to find a new home for the large number of donations received at the end of the university academic year, with items from clothing to kitchen utensils available as students leaving the city at the end of their degree donate their unneeded items.
The event is being run by the Leave Leeds Tidy community project working in conjunction with the Love Leeds charity shop itself. The project donates all profits to charity and projects in Leeds. The group supports two main charities, Emmaus, a homeless charity and St Vincents, a charity dedicated to eradicating poverty.
Hannah Whelan, of Leave Leeds Tidy, says it is “insane what people donate” as things are “really very fashionable”. She says she is “excited to fill her bag to the brim and promote sustainable fashion”.
The event will be running this evening between 5pm and 8pm but the Love Leeds charity shop will remain open with the usual opening hours until graduation depending on volunteer availability.

Jake Hookem

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