News | Travel costs hampering part-time students

Part-time students are being hampered by travel costs, a Union survey has found.

Figures published by the Student Advice Centre this month reveal that 63% of part-time students spend a ‘large portion’ of their outgoings on travel, with 45% ‘very concerned’ about travel costs.

Mature students also suffer high travel expenses as many are excluded from young people’s discounts.

The report said: ‘As many companies do not offer deals for mature or part-time students, travel costs can be difficult to manage’.

Metro’s Student Plus card is available to full-time, mature students but does not apply to over 21s studying fewer than sixteen hours per week.

Parking on campus was also cited as an issue for the 10% of Leeds students currently enrolled on a part-time course.

Speaking to LS, Union advisor Jess Hawker said various staff were discussing ‘practical ways to address concerns’. She added: ‘Supporting the needs of part-time students is very important for LUU and we have been working on projects especially to support them’.

Metro spokesperson Martin Driver explained: ‘Prices are decided by the West Yorkshire Ticketing board which is mainly made up of bus and train operators and on which we have one seat’.

The Student Advice Centre recommends car sharing, cycle hire and using schemes such as the Nightbus and CityBus to save money.

See the full report on travel costs for part-time students here.

Charlotte Mason

Photo: Alamy

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