News | Headingley motorist arrested for Class A drugs

A motorist has been arrested for possession of Class A drugs in Headingley.

The 27-year-old man was stopped at 1.10am on Friday after police became suspicious of his vehicle on St Michael’s Crescent.

Further inspection revealed five small bags of cocaine in the car, which the man later told officers were ‘for personal use’.

The man was arrested and taken into custody where he received a caution after being found to have no previous convictions.

Speaking to Leeds Student, West Yorkshire Police’s University Liaison Officer Matt Guy said: ‘Officers are out in local communities every night actively looking for suspicious activity’.

PC Guy stressed that the offender’s caution should not be seen as a ‘let-off’. He added: ‘It is recorded on police systems and will have implications should he be caught for further offences’.

West Yorkshire Police seized up to £50,000 worth of Class A drugs in a crack-down operation in Leeds earlier this year.

Charlotte Mason

Photo: West Yorkshire Police

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