News | Leeds student died from ‘drug use’

A Leeds University student died following ‘recent drug use’, an inquest has heard.

Natasha Brunton, who studied Law and French, was found dead at home in Sevenoaks, Kent in February.

The court inquest last Tuesday heard that the 21-year-old student had been suffering from an eating disorder when she died.

Detective Sergeant Richard Pringle of Kent Police described Natasha’s death as ‘unexpected’. He said: “At the scene, officers discovered vomit on the carpet and evidence of recent drug use, namely cocaine”.

DS Pringle added that ‘bags of white powder’ had been found in the student’s university room.

The cause of death was recorded as acute pulmonary oedema stemming from drugs use, although Leeds Student understands Natasha had battled with anorexia for some time.

In an online tribute, University friends of Natasha write: ‘Toosh was a beautiful girl in so many ways and we are all extremely lucky to have had her in our life, even if it was only for a short amount of time’.

A JustGiving page has raised over £6,000 for charity Beat in Natasha’s memory.

Charlotte Mason

Photo: Sevenoaks Chronicle

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