TV | Freeview Flicks of the Week – Taken, Shut Up and Play the Hits and Memento

Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week (cue low threatening voice) we will look for you, we will find you, and we will kill you!

MONDAY – Somewhere (Channel 4 00:20)

Sofia Coppola is one stylish director, best known for directing snazzy The Bling Ring and trendy Lost in Translation, this is one of her lesser known films but is still just as chic. Somewhere, is a story about a Hollywood actor re-examining his life when his young daughter visits. Elle Fanning steals the show as the young Cleo, engaging well with Stephen Dorff her on-screen father. Charming, sweet and fuelled by emotion it’s a slow-burner but worth a watch.

TUESDAY – Taken (Film4 21:00)

If you haven’t seen Taken already you are clearly a fool and I’m surprised Liam Neeson hasn’t hunted you down already! Of course there isn’t much to it but it works incredibly well as a simple action-thriller that ticks all boxes necessary to make it an edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster. Get your snacks ready!

WEDNESDAY – Raiders of the Lost Ark (BBC3 21:00)

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the most iconic films in recent history, with Harrison Ford completely embodying Indiana Jones , a cinematic icon, in the character’s first appearance.  From the stunning opening scene you will find yourself completely hooked, and that is how you will remain until the end credits roll. The strongest in the series (we are still trying to forget the last instalment) it is the epitome of entertainment so get ready for a funny, thrilling and action-packed ride.

THURSDAY – Limitless (Film4 23:10)

Limitless is not your usual silly blockbuster. With an intelligent and intriguing concept at the heart the film asks the question, what would happen if we could access more of our brain’s capacity? Bradley Cooper proved in this film he had the leading man material needed to be a star, playing a struggling author who suddenly acquires superhuman abilities by taking a certain pill. Combining a clever storyline with great action and humour it is just fun to watch!

FRIDAY – Shut Up and Play the Hits (Film4 01:10)

Documentaries are hard to get right, but when they are they become essential watches. Shut Up and Play The Hits, a film that documents the last performance of LCD Soundsystem, is one such film. An intimate look at the life of James Murphy who formed the band, it’s an interesting insight into the inner workings of the music industry. Anyone can enjoy this, that’s what makes documentaries like these so brilliant, you don’t need to know or have an interest in the subject at all before.

SATURDAY – Punch-Drunk Love (Film4 00:20)

If one person can get a decent performance out of Adam Sandler it would be Paul Thomas Anderson, director of Boogie Nights, The Master and Magnolia. Giving the performance of his career Sandler plays a psychologically troubled man who falls in love with an English woman, charmingly played by Emily Watson. It’s quite strange which might put some off, but it is worth a watch for the character driven drama that emotionally engages with the audience on a whole new level.

SUNDAY – Memento (Film4 23:05)

Last week the latest trailer for Interstellar was released giving us a closer look at one of the most anticipated films of this year. Christopher Nolan is best known for directing The Dark Knight trilogy, but the real treasure of his stunning filmography is his first feature-length directorial Memento. Only Nolan could tell a detective thriller backwards and make it not in the slightest bit confusing and instead just jaw-droppingly amazing. A modern masterpiece it’s an essential watch for any film fan.


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