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Prada oval sunglasses, Selfridges, £285.00

It’s that time of year again! The sun has been shining on us for over a month now, so, let’s give our sunglasses collection a little re-vamp to celebrate the sunshine! These Prada tortoiseshell sunglasses are the perfect way to go if you’re after a pair that will last you forever. Prada covered the Spring/Summer catwalk with vibrant colours and edgy prints, yet, with these sunglasses, Prada have managed to re-capture tradition with the tortoiseshell and still keep the modern edgy cat-eye style that suits any and every girl! These sunglasses reiterate how Prada is able to bring both tradition and a modern sensitivity to her collections.

Don’t let the summer fade away into the overcast grey autumn that we all know too well before putting these gorgeous sunnies on your wish-list. The price may be a little out there, but these shades will never cease to amaze and they will be ready for you when next summer rolls around. So, save up and have them ready and waiting for that summer holiday you are already mentally planning for next year and…enjoy!


Emma Clark

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