News| Sanitary product prices drop in the Union

LUU are pledging to help students save by reducing the price of sanitary products.

Essentials, the Union’s sanitary products stockist, will reduce the costs of sanitary protection under the new measure, which will see customers save up to 90p on a tampon, pantyliner or sanitary towel purchase.

Price drops will see Tampax super 20s reduced from £2.78 to £1.79, and Always Pantyliners drop from £1.59 to 99p.

Welfare officer Freya Govus, the voice behind the scheme, said:

“I believe our pricing needs to reflect the rights and needs of our members, and that even as a charity we should sell sanitary products at as close to cost as possible. Nobody should stand to profit unnecessarily from a female’s menstrual cycle, something over which she has no control and can often cause women immense distress and discomfort.”

I’m proud to be part of an organisation that has happily worked alongside me to make this positive change. It’s a demonstration by the Union that they’re putting students’ needs first and taking an alternative stance to some of the companies which may exploit the necessity of these products for profits.

I’ll continue to work on this issue to make sure that women are not exploited on campus due to their periods.”

Women are estimated to spend £100 on sanitary products a year.

In recent government policy, a 5% tax has been levied on tampons and towels by the government, as the items are described as ‘non-essential, luxury items’.

However, items such as razors, alcoholic jellies and crocodile meat are exempt from the tax.

Jasmine Andersson

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