News | Historic Clothworkers Arch to undergo refurb

The University’s historic Clothworkers Arch is to be ‘specially’ refurbished, a spokesperson has announced.

Conservation experts will spend six weeks working on the gothic-style structure, which was built to mark the foundation of surrounding Clothworkers Buildings in 1879.

The project includes the intricate task of re-gilding the 22-carat gold leaf inscription, which commemorates a £70,000 sponsorship by The Clothworkers’ Company in London to fund some of the University’s first buildings, designed by Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse.

The arch’s iconic iron gates will also be temporarily removed for repair, and stonework restored.

Speaking to Leeds Student, Head of the University’s Asset Maintenance Team Gary Smith explained: “The work is essential to preserve this iconic structure for future generations of the University community and to restore the condition of the key features from an aesthetic perspective”.

The University is unable to confirm the estimated cost of the project at this time.

Students have been warned to expect some noise and access disruptions during the project, which begins on 30th September at the start of the new academic year. However, maintenance staff are “optimistic” it will be completed by mid-November.

Access to the Clothworkers Court will be redirected via the Great Hall, with the North and Central Buildings also affected.

Charlotte Mason

Photo: Leeds Tapestry

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