TV | Freeview Flicks of the Week – Airplane!, Dogtooth and Starter for Ten

Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week we go to university, take a trip to Springfield and got lost in the meaning of life.


MONDAY – Airplane! (Film4 19:15)

When it comes to spoof comedies there is only one man you need to turn to; that of course is the wonderful Lesley Nielsen. His appearance in 1980 film, Airplane marked the turning point in his career from serious actor to spoof specialist, and has been entertaining audiences ever since its release. Despite having a very thin plot, it’s packed full of hilarious scenes that will keep you laughing and having fun throughout. Whatever you do though, don’t call him Shirley!

TUESDAY – The Simpsons Movie (Film4 19:05)

The Simpsons is one of the most famous and popular television series of all-time, so it was no surprise that in 2007 Springfield made it to the big screen. A return to the early glory days of the show, it is witty, fast-paced and very, very funny. Although it does rely a lot on similar plots and themes that have appeared frequently in the series, it is still worth a watch and will keep you entertained on a Tuesday night.

WEDNESDAY – Dogtooth (Film4 23:35)

This 2009 Greek film is the most original and intriguing film on television this week, but it certainly is not for everyone. A drama about three teenagers who are confined to an isolated country estate and kept ignorant of the outside world by their parents, it’s a mixture of strangeness, shocking drama and hysteria. With heavy political subtext it is certainly an interesting watch, and will hold your attention strongly until the very end.

THURSDAY – Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (ITV4 23:00)

Unlike some of their more famous films such as The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life takes the Monty Python troops back to their roots following the style of their original television series. A musical comedy that follows a series of sketches, it’s Monty Python at its best. Absurd, hilarious, and with a music number about sperm, what more could you want?

FRIDAY – Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Film4 00:55)

Horror films can be boring can’t they; constantly repeating the same material and themes time after time. Recently though there has been a new brand of horror emerging, one which combines horror and comedy elements that mocks the repetitive themes of the genre. It all started with Tucker and Dale vs Evil in 2010, a film which takes the usual ‘teenagers go to a cabin in the woods and get attacked’ story but completely turns it inside out. Original, smart and witty, it is now an essential watch for any horror fan and a cult classic.

SATURDAY – Scott Pilgrim vs The World (E4 21:00)

Another cult classic, Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World undeservedly flopped at the box office despite developing quite the fan following. Michael Cera is our awkward hero, Scott Pilgrim, who must battle his new girlfriend’s seven evil-exes in his pursuit of love. You are not likely to see a romantic-comedy quite like this, as it uniquely combines drama, emotion, comedy and video games references. Far away from the mainstream trash that dominates our screens, it is a breath of fresh air that is insanely entertaining.

SUNDAY – Starter for Ten (BBC2 22:30)

David Nicholls is one of Britain’s finest current novelists, with some of his novels making it to the big screen in adaptations. Starter for Ten is one such novel, a story that follows a young undergraduate as he navigates his first year at university in 1985. Featuring many of Britain’s finest actors at the start of their careers, you can spot everyone from James McAvoy to Benedict Cumberbatch all giving great performances. With a truly British charm and sense of humour, it is perfect for a relaxing Sunday night in.


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