News | Missing soldiers to be named in Brotherton War Memorial

The names of twenty-five World War One soldiers are to be added to the Brotherton Library Great War Memorial, as part of the University’s centenary commemorations.

The names of the twenty-five soldiers, who were all in some way connected with the University of Leeds, were discovered by community researcher David Stowe, a member of a team of academics working on the ‘Legacies of War’ project for the University.

The names of the soldiers had all been missing from the original honor roll, and so were not included on the monument. In an official statement Stowe said: “It remains a mystery why these names were not included on the original roll of honor, but the stories that have unfolded are remarkable.”

Among the names to be added are several Leeds students who served in the Great War, including the former captain of the University’s football team. Many of the soldiers also attended the University’s attached  Officer’s Training Corps.

Stowe described the stories of the soldiers as “accounts of bravery and courage,” adding: “It’s been both fascinating and a privilege to learn more about these men.”

The War Memorial is situated at the entrance to the Brotherton Library, and was first unveiled in November 1951. The commissioning of the new names will be commemorated with a special re-dedication ceremony on Wednesday 22 October.

Sean Hayes

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