Clubs | Review: Dubtek

As summer fades into nothing more than embarrassing memories, party holidays and festivals, many of us are left looking to fill the Berlin-shaped hole left behind. But, for those lucky enough to attend Dubtek’s latest night at Wire, for one night at least, the hole was filled.

CWS kicked off the night playing to a small but enthusiastic crowd. Ross Alexander, followed with a live set, playing tracks from his new release Ripple Effect, the techno sounds amplified by the massive Funktion One sound system. Retsof welcomed us into the early hours with a set that showcased his individual techno sound and justified his established status on the scene. They say good things come to those who wait, and this was certainly the case at 3am when the Spanish techno sensation David Meiser opened his set with Marcel Dettmann’s ‘Translation One’, and followed with an unforgettable set.

Dubtek’s following owes to its curator, Omid, a local Leeds lad and a self-proclaimed ‘vinyl junkie’ who previously ran The Mash Street Kids night which saw names such as Slam and Matador (both on Richie Hawtins Minus label) grace the decks; they still hold nights so if you fancy a pre-freshers warm up you can them ion the 5th of September at Distrikt.

I was unsure what to expect from my first Dubtek, but the night more than exceeded my expectations. Dubtek succeeds where so many other nights fail, picking the right bookings and attracting the right crowd. Leeds has been overrun with middle of the road, style over substance house nights that leave little more than a bitter hangover and a desire for something better. It’s refreshing to see a new night that prioritises promoting artists and music; not just a few resident DJs playing the same tunes to the same people.

Words by Helen Walker
Photos by Dubtek

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