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Festival- Ragged Priest Rain Coat £55 h&m £14.99 crochet white dress TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE PATCHWORK SHORTS boutique patchwork shorts £65 topshop

Topshop VINCENT Wellies £30

Every summer the festival season draws our attention to extraordinary styles as the traditional festival combinations re-emerge. 2014 has been no different and this festival attitude and style has cropped up again and again for a range of brands, Instagrams and collections.

Parklife and LoveBox saw a strong 90’s Acid House style revival. Girls were truly creative in bringing back the dark denim, fish nets, big hair and chokers of old, and boys looked like they could have stepped straight out of a Blur music video with their track jackets, trainers and bucket hats.

Dark denim, white lace, crochet and a number of kimonos to float around the fields in cropped up throughout the small brands. The high street favourites’ (River Island and Topshop) big festival collections and co-ords were another firm favourite amongst bloggers and festival goers opting for a fresher take on festival style. Bill+Mar, The Ragged Priest and Motel provided some of the best co-ords that maximised that sophisticated chic and minimal styling needed for those quick changes in tents you can barely stand up in.

Accessories at the extremes were present this season. Festival-goers have been wearing every piece of jewellery they own (see Kylie Jenner at Coachella for tips) or keeping it dainty and delicate with small rings and necklaces. The bum-bag has also made a comeback and enforced itself as a must-have for all festival activities. With space for more than you need and by freeing up your arms and body for dancing – what more could you want?

This summer has seen festival fashion truly affirm itself in our wardrobes and it certainly does not look like it is going anywhere soon. Instagram and blogs are awash with the festival style and there’s more tutorials on how to do glitter make up or make your own flower crowns than you could shake a stick at.

With time and sun running out, we’re already looking forward to doing it all again next year. For now though, if you’re taking advantage of your final festival opportunities heading to Mint Fest at the start of Freshers here is a few pieces to ensure you have your festival style down.


Raincoat, Ragged Priest, £55.00

Crochet Dress, H&M, £14.99

Co-ord Top, Topshop Boutique, £50.00

Co-ord Shorts, Topshop Boutique, £65.00

Boots, Topshop, £30.00


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