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After tackling a tricky trio of baklavas, entremets and schichttortes in the semi-final, queen of spice Chetna was defeated. Only Richard, Luis and Nancy will return to the tent for the final, but who will take the Bake Off crown?

10301116_702993553117638_5317455882890254066_nThe current favourite is Richard Burr, a builder and family man who has accumulated a loyal following, mainly due to the pencil he keeps tucked behind his ear that most likely contains all of his magical baking powers. Having won star baker a record five times, he has wowed Paul and Mary with his mouth-watering toffee apple doughnuts and triumphed with his unusual “éclair stair”. His creativity and ability to produce perfection may mean he’s the bookies’ favourite, but week six saw him fighting for a place after floundering in European cake week. Will his nerves see him through the last round?

10614171_702989993117994_7412849742297219411_nSomeone who never seems to get nervous is Nancy Birtwhistle; although anxious when her bakes are in the oven, she always manages to pull it out of the bag. She may have frustrated Paul by referring to him as ‘the male judge’, but she has been a firm favourite throughout, being confident in her bakes and range of technical skills. However, she has had some issues, especially when it came to bread. Her technique of putting dough in the microwave lead to a monster of a loaf, and her defiance of the Paul Hollywood eyebrow didn’t earn her any brownie point10411251_691178127632514_9015106567063831047_ns.

The last finalist is graphic designer Luis Troyano, who has brought many a beautiful bake to the Bake Off’s gingham alter. This dark horse seems to have slipped under the radar for most of the competition, but may just take home the winner’s crown. Revolutionizing doughnuts with a bit of booze and storming bread week with incredible roscón de reyes, he may just be triumphant.

The Bake Off final is on Wednesday 8th October 20:00 BBC1

Emily Murray

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