New campus sculpture unveiled

A new sculpture in the recently developed Beech Grove Plaza near the Union has been officially unveiled today.

Called a ‘Sign for Art’, the monument was designed by Yorkshire-based artist Keith Wilson.

The sculpture is intended to represent two spaced fingertips in waved motion across the forehead of a student, and is inspired by his work with blind and deaf pupils.

The artist adds, ‘In the face of the proverbial ‘What does it mean?’ this sculpture, at the very least, has an answer.’

The sculpture has had mixed responses from Leeds students. Lucy Kelly, 21, said, ‘It certainly attracts your attention when you walk past it, although I’m not sure what it really represents. It is quite impressive.’

However, others have not been as complimentary. James Stockdale, 19, said, ‘I think money could have been spent elsewhere or maybe on a sculpture which represents Leeds University more clearly.’

Keith Wilson will be joined by Director of Tate Britain, Penelope Curtis for the opening.

Robert Andrews 

Photo: Alice Greenfield

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