Plain Jane

Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney have championed it. Now, the key beauty trend that London Fashion Week was full of has been spotted on campus. Believe it or not, you may have been accidentally following the ‘effortless beauty look’ that is being widely celebrated.

This particular trend focuses primarily on healthy glowing skin, well-shaped eyebrows and neutral toned lips that can be accomplished with a touch of Vaseline. Quite simply put, not wearing make-up is a key trend this autumn and it certainly seems as though it’ll be popular amongst students. Especially on Monday mornings.

The simplistic nature of this trend means a focus has shifted away from using a range of different eye shadows or brightly coloured lipsticks to place an emphasis on your favourite feature. Instead, going back to basics with make-up and focussing on defining the shape of your face with a good highlighter, or bronzer is the way to go. This allows one or two facial features to be celebrated, rather than eyebrows, eyelids, lips and cheeks competing with one another. Use highlighter around and above your eyes to hide those tired circles. Brush down your nose and above your lips for a thinner nose and fuller lips. If just using highlighter and bronzer is too plain for you though, not to worry. Designers, such as Rochas, haven taken to celebrating one facial feature to the extreme by collaborating a neutral base with long false eyelashes or thick mascara.

The attitude of the sixties and seventies is trending and the sense of rebellion this trend brings perfectly compliments it. Both are looking like they’ll be popular this autumn and winter. Both on the catwalks and on campus.


Sophie Hazlewood


Image from Rochas’ show

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