Society Profile: Henna

Name: Henna Society

About: The Henna Society has returned to campus this year and is a new society to look out for. If you’re an artist or novice, this society welcomes all to learning the art of Henna. If you aren’t interested in the doing, but are looking for a new accessory, the society will be running a weekly stall every Thursday. Find then in the Union and get yourself a henna for £3.

Where: Sessions are held in Room 1 on the second floor of the Union

Membership: £4 for the year. Buy your membership online from the Union website, on the societies tab.

Special events: The society plans to bring in professional teachers to hone skills throughout the semester. Keep an eye out for a special Diwali session being held by the society on 23rd October.

Interesting fact: Members of the Henna Society helped out Leeds Student, now The Gryphon, earlier this year by running a stall at our music festival held at Belgrave Music Hall.

Contact Henna for more info using this email: and get involved!

Maddy Keating

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