Varsity: Mens Cricket – Uni dismantle Beckett in huge win

The University of Leeds men’s 1st team were in a celebratory mood on Wednesday afternoon as they comfortably strolled past a shell-shocked Leeds Beckett side. There was a clear mismatch in quality between the teams as Uni won by a massive 89 runs (scoring 121 compared to Beckett’s 32) in spite of the fact that the game consisted of just eight overs each.

The University of Leeds batted first and had a clear and effective tactic of taking quick singles against the sides, utilising the indoor cricket rule of the ball striking the side counting as one run. The pressure this put on the Beckett fielders also led to two big mistakes which cost them six and seven runs respectively.  This tactic, although somewhat prosaic, was integral to Uni’s eventual victory and saw Simmons retire on 25, just seven shy of Leeds Beckett’s eventual score.

Finishing on 121, a highly impressive score, the University of Leeds could be forgiven for resting on their laurels. However, they were clinical in their bowling to the point where it was almost uncomfortable for the spectators.

A stand-out performance bowling-wise came from Ellis-Grewal who recorded figures of 5 for 12, getting three wickets in his first over. This single over effectively ended any chance of a Beckett victory.

Although he was aided by some shoddy batting he varied his pace very well, never letting the batsmen get into a rhythm which paid dividends. Thanks to early wickets by him (Ellis-Grewal), the Beckett batsmen were forced into slovenly, mistimed shots aiming for boundaries, but resulting in several catches and bowled chances, many of which were taken.

Tt was a truly remarkable performance from the Uni side and one that they will aim to repeat throughout the new cricket season; and of course in Varsity next year.


Freddie DeMelo

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