How to do a don’t

There are some things that are made to be together. Bread and butter are a perfect union; they complete one another. On the contrary though, some pairings feel so wrong that they can be right. Black and blue definitely fall into this category. It’s only natural to feel a little dubious about the duo but reassuringly this fashion faux pas can now be put to rest.

The trend first began to emerge alongside the wave of fashion shows circa 2012 and has been prevalent through to the autumn/ winter ’14 collections. A host of designers, ranging from Prabal Gurung to Prada, chose to create a happy marriage between the two hues. A once unfashionable combination is now fashionable and looks as though it’s here to stay.

Black and blue can be styled in various ways. The most covetable way involves cosy navy knits teamed with an understated black skirt for a subtly chic aesthetic. Royal blue wools juxtaposed against buttery and soft black leathers and ladylike tweeds make for an unconventional clash of textures that’s refreshing in a world of ‘I’ve seen that all before’ fashion. By binding the two hues together there is a fashionable alternative to harsh winter skies which are quickly falling. With a spectrum of shades spanning from navy to cobalt blue, they can act as a perfect partner to the clichéd black, leaving out any excuses to be in a sartorial rut.

Let’s face it, sometimes you just have to break all the rules. After all, rules are made to be broken.


Francesca Macari

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