Accessory of the Week – All Choked Up

As we all know the ‘90s is having a bit of a revival at the moment; from sports get-ups to crop tops and everything else in between.

Exhibit A, the choker: an accessory that screams nostalgia was once a symbol of soft grunge, during a time where Nirvana filled the airwaves with teenage angst. However, at present times it has now become an essential piece of neck decoration, replacing the humble necklace. If you feel that the black plastic archetype (which bears a likely resemblance to a tattoo) just won’t make the cut any more, upgrade to Topshop’s delightful silver version, which can be all yours at the price of £14.50. While this choker edges towards the fancier side, complete with a draped chain and dangling accents, this piece of jewellery acts to compliment any simple outfit.

For a night out, make the most of this statement piece and play along to the throwback tune with a velvet dress and some flatform creepers, for the ultimate grunge girl look.


Francesca Macari

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