Uni experiences Internet blackout

The University is currently experiencing an online blackout, with Wi-Fi service Eduroam out-of-order and access to the VLE disrupted.

The problem has also affected access to student timetables via the UniLeeds app, and has apparently resulted in card payment machines not working, including those in the Union.

An automated message which can be heard by calling IT Services states the following: “This is an issue with our internet provider JANET, and we are working with them to understand what is happening, and we will update as soon as we have further information.”

The message also states: “Please note that this is affecting the whole Yorkshire region, and we are not the only University affected by this issue.”

Internal University networks have not been affected.

JANET is a private government-funded research and education network which provides access to educational instiutions nationwide.

Students have expressed their worries at the technical slip-up, with some branding it an “outrage.”

One third-year Music student said: “It’s annoying because I haven’t memorised my timetable yet. I wish I’d printed it because I don’t know where I’m meant to be going!”

Students have also taken to Twitter to express concern. @Clairee_Berry tweeted @UniversityLeeds: “When is it likely to be back and running? I have work due in on turnitin tomorrow.”

The University’s official Twitter page has stated that “engineers are currently working to fix the issue.”

Meanwhile, the official JANET Twitter page has tweeted the following: “@Janet engineers are en route to @UniversityLeeds to perform a physical inspection of the point of presence equipment.”

Sean Hayes

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