Forthcoming winter trends

Summer is drawing to a close. None of us are entirely happy about this but there is at least a sizeable silver lining. While the winter months may not be as accommodating in our quest to utilise every item of clothing in our wardrobe no matter the hue, fashion trends adopt an altogether more comfortable range. Here, we shall examine the up and coming fashion trends you simply cannot afford to be unaware of.

Blanket Scarves

Winter trends all usually call for one thing: warmth. Our first forthcoming trend makes no attempt to buck the trend; Blanket Scarves are an irresistible choice when facing the adverse weather conditions. Currently it appears that size bears no impact on the suitability of scarves – seemingly, bigger is indeed better.

Blanket scarves featured prominently on current winter runways with Burberry and Vivienne Westwood showcasing bold, extravagant patterns and colours, while DNKY have opted for styles which are simple yet able to brighten up any winter wardrobe. Blanket Scarves are available in every style and pattern you could imagine – from your pastels to utility chic. There is a style out there for every occasion and every look; we suggest grabbing now before it is too late!


new look scarf Burberry scarf















Leather Gloves

We all know that the first place we lose heat during particular cold snaps of winter weather is through the extremities. Gloves go a long way in solving this issue but we are sick of seeing the same unimaginative, bland gloves covering the hands of the majority. Take a stand, dress those hands in leather.

Leather gloves offer a sophisticated, elegant look and have featured heavily on the Paris fashion week autumn/winter 2014 collection.The striking colours which designers have sampled are indicative of the innovative colour twists that can be incorporated into your winter wardrobe. Berth upon the runways has engineered a wide fashion statement that has not gone unnoticed – the Dior gloves below feature soft orylag fur adding warmth and edge to your winter collection. A defining addition to any wardrobe.


doir gloves




Knee high boots

It is time to banish your flip flops and your gladiators – you must buy yourself a pair of knee high boots. Knee high boots are the missing article in your incomplete winter wardrobe. Whether you keep it simple with minimalistic pattern or opt for something which is more eye-catching and flamboyant, they will become an essential and dearly loved addition to your winter collection. The diversity of styles found within the available range lends itself to a multitude of looks, whether worn casually with a pair or jeans, or more formally, matched with a glamorous dress.


ted baker boots



Blanket scarf, New Look, £15.99

Blanket scarf, Burberry, £995.00

Black gloves, Dior, £1,600.00

Black boots, Ted Baker, £110.00



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