Top 5 Beer Pubs as rated by The Real Ale Society

Like Beer? The Real Ale Society tell the Gryphon which pubs to visit.

1. The Brudenell – Often has a good selection of cheap beers and also has a lot of live gigs on. With darts, pool tables and snooker, it has been selected by us as Leeds’ best pub.

2. Friends of Ham – A charcuterie/bar which offers a selection of meat platters and a really great selection of beers with a quiet relaxed atmosphere. It is currently undergoing expansion, which should double its capacity.

3. North Bar – Has a superb range of beers and is located in an excellent spot in the city centre. It has a gentle clientele and while the pub is a bit more expensive, it is worth the extra for the truly great selection of beer on offer.

4. Whitelocks – The first pub on our annual Briggate pub crawl, Whitelocks is a more traditional pub with a good selection of beer on offer. Located in a side alley off the main high street, it is easy to miss but well worth a visit.

5. Angel Inn – Another pub located just off the main high street, this is a Sam Smiths pub, meaning incredibly cheap good quality beer. Offering a range of their lagers and ales, it is great for those who want a cheap night down the pub.

The Real Ale Society are hosting their GIAG: The Red, the Dark and the Blonde on the 17th October for £8. Beer fans cannot miss this!

Maddy Keating

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