Alarm causes ‘weekend of hell’

Students who live on a Hyde Park street have suffered a ‘weekend of hell’ as their neighbour’s burglar alarm sounded for 48 hours non-stop.

Residents on Ebberston Terrace reported the disturbance to the Council on Saturday, but were left to endure the ‘incessant ringing’ until assistance arrived two days later at 4pm on Monday afternoon.

Third-year English student Ruby Lott-Lavigna and her three housemates claim they were unable to study or sleep properly, describing the situation as ‘ridiculous’.

Ms Lott-Lavigna told The Gryphon, ‘It was very frustrating calling the council numerous times for them to just say they couldn’t do anything or that they were giving it to their appropriate departments.

I couldn’t work at all and I had to fall asleep to music to drown out the noise’.

The students also contacted the alarm company, who refused to act as the house was no longer on their records.

Council officials eventually contacted the residents of the offending house, who were away in London at the time.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said, ‘Although this is not a property managed by us, members of our noise nuisance team contacted the agents who are responsible for managing the property at the earliest opportunity to make sure they were aware’.

However, Ms Lott-Lavigna said, ‘They couldn’t be bothered to contact anyone until Monday’. She added, ‘When the alarm started I couldn’t have possibly believed it would have continued non-stop, day and night, for two days’.

Charlotte Mason

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