Food | Leeds’ Top 5 Hangover Food Hot­spots

#1. The Greasy Pig ­- Hyde Park

Veteran Hyde Park residents will know this place as a beacon of hope when you’re bleary eyed and empty stomached the morning after the night before. This place delivers on affordable, quality greasy spoon grub. Their fried eggs are the stuff stock photos are made of; ­ gooey yolk, crispy on the bottom and full of promises to take all your woes and worries away. If you want something a bit more up market, order the salmon tart and prepare to feel a whole lot better about your morning.

#2. Pho ­- Trinity Kitchen

While traditional Vietnamese noodle soup may not to spring to mind when you think hangover food, this stuff packs a serious punch when it comes to effectively ousting those morning­-after blues. A steaming, fragrant bowl of Pho offers all the staples of a great hangover cure. It’s packed with protein, and the salty broth will help get you hydrated in no time. But what makes Pho better than any other garden­ variety chicken soup? Pho comes with spicy extras like Sriracha sauce and fresh chilli, which will help you sweat out those toxins without the inconvenience of 20 minutes on the treadmill.

#3. Get Baked

Not only do these guys serve up some truly miraculous burgers, fries and sweet treats, they’ll also deliver directly to your door! Great for those days where the most you can muster is a steady crawl to the door in the early hours of the evening. Get Baked currently take orders from 5pm, but keep an eye peeled for their new venture The Joint set to open this year, conveniently located right on campus!

#4. Boss Burgers ­- Hyde Park

For many of you, these guys need no introduction. This pint­-sized restaurant has been open for less than a year, but has already cemented its reputation for serving up some of the best burgers in Leeds. Try ‘The Goats Cheese and Chilli One’ if you want to know what heaven might taste like. And don’t forget fries;­ you’ll need to replenish some of the salts lost making a sweaty mess of yourself on the dance floor.

#5. LS6 Cafe ­ Woodhouse Lane

LS6‘s strength is that it offers the basic creature comforts that you need, presented in a manner that makes you feel like a sophisticated adult who does “brunch” rather than a lazy student who woke up too late for breakfast. So, if you’re looking to feel like a decadent bohemian, get down to LS6 and order platters to top notch grub and be sure to get a few gallons of house-­made iced tea to wash it all down.

Anna Turner

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