Society Profile: Netball

Name: University Netball

About: Netball has around 120 members overall. Every Wednesday, the teams travel to different cities to play matches against other Universities, as part of the Nothern BUCs league. Netball has six teams as well as a development squad who play in the Intra-Mural league run by the University. The development squad offers less serious playing for all abilities, as well as acting as a feeder for the BUCs squads following improvement. Netball won Team of the Year for 2013/14

Where: Each individual team has different training times each week, with matches running every Wednesday

Membership: £90 for the year

Special events: Varsity is the biggest event for all sports team and runs annually. Keep an eye out for its return next year. Netball run fancy dress socials every Wednesday too! Additional events should include some great charity events, with hopefully a repeat of the netball gals vs rugby boys match

Interesting fact: Leeds Netball are the second largest University netball club in the UK and nationally 3rd in the whole of the BUCs lead.

Maddy Keating

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