Leeds Busking Competition

Nicola Reed talks to In The Middle about her upcoming Leeds Busking Competition that raises money for a brilliant cause, Simon on the Streets.  

Coming to university has turned me into a philanthropist. I don’t know if it’s the angelic buzz you get from selfishly doing a selfless good deed or the silent groans of irritated Facebook friends after I’ve posted yet another bit of charity event promotion. So to continue being one of ‘those people’, I’ve turned to In The Middle to plug my endeavours.

I want to talk about some musical things that are happening to raise money for a deserving charity. Simon on the Streets is a Leeds based homeless charity that helps people living on the streets that aren’t getting help through other means. It got me thinking about how busking can be an economic lifeline for some people, and what better way to raise some cash than by celebrating the musical talents of the people of Leeds!

The first performer to get in touch was Vanessa Maria. Her Facebook page/Youtube Channel offers stunning vocal and guitar work, easy to listen to and seemingly effortless. My particular favourite is a medley she does of ‘Home’- by Drake, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. These are two songs that I would never have placed together but Vanessa manages to blend them so spectacularly that the pairing seems natural.


The second performer is Voodoo City Band, described by the band as “bluesy acoustic with a bit of energy behind it”. I couldn’t put it better myself, though I’d maybe add the word ‘folksy’. The two demo’s available on their Soundcloud are so catchy, you won’t be able to resist the desire to foot tap and shoulder shimmy.

Next we have Dylan Brierley, who I caught at a local open-mic night and promptly snapped up, dying to hear more. In his performances, Brierley utilises the loop pedal to its full potential, creating layer upon layer of intricate harmonies. Listen to his Soundcloud here.

I’m particularly excited about this event because it will satisfy my philanthropist ego, as well as my love of acoustic music. There will be healthy competition between the local performers as they play for donations. All proceeds go to Simon on the Streets, the musician who raises the most gets a prize, and the other talented performers get that warm philanthropy buzz. Everyone’s a winner.

The event is 2nd of December at the Faversham. Please come and support, and get in touch if you would like to apply for the one remaining spot available for performers.

For more information, find us on Facebook or contact me on Twitter.

Nicola Reed

photo 1: femspire.com
photo 2: m-gregory1013wig.blogspot.co.uk

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