The decline of the iPod

‘1000 songs in your pocket’, a revolution in music and a revolution in technology. The iPod kickstarted Apples dominance in tech, paving the way for both the iPhone and iPad.

Whether you had a classic, a nano or even a shuffle, the iPod family made you instantly cooler, providing a window into your music library while welcoming millions to the world of digital music. The innovative click-wheel and iconic design made the iPod the must have gadget of the ‘noughties’.

In the following years, the iPod became increasingly advanced with features such as video playback, slimmer and lighter designs and even some inbuilt games. Of course, as with nearly every piece of technology, Apple made some mistakes in the iPod family – the ridiculously minimal iPod shuffle with no buttons comes to mind. But these steps were required to progress and innovate further, securing the iPod as a staple of the tech world and an icon of the pre-iPhone era Apple.

However, the iPods story is coming to an end, with the rise of the iPhone and touchscreens, iPod sales have been slowly decreasing, as more and more people stream their music through services such as Spotify and Deezer. The need for a dedicated MP3 player has all but disappeared and just last month that Apple discontinued the iPod classic, signalling the end of the click-wheel that became so iconic over the past decade.

Arguably, the legacy of the iPod has pushed Apple further than ever imaginable, with the innovations and ideologies developed with the idea of portable and compact technology leading to the creation of Apple’s upcoming ‘revolution’, the Apple Watch.

The iPods life cycle and huge effect on the world of technology firmly assures its place in tech history. It holds an emotional place in many people’s hearts and was for many, the first experience of holding their own personal musical library in the palm of their hand.

Andrew Dodson 

Image: Flickr

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