£62.3m expansion added to Central Village

The University has completed a £62.3m expansion of Central Village halls of residence.

The popular halls now boasts nearly 1,000 bedrooms, with 413 en-suite rooms in a new, 18-storey tower block known as Block D.

The project was overseen by property group Downing, in an attempt to provide a ‘high quality’ variety of flats and studios in response to student demand.

Speaking to The Gryphon, a University spokesperson said, ‘Due to popularity and because Central Village meets a number of criteria, the University determined that it would be beneficial to acquire a longer term interest in Central Village’.

Central Village has been consistently oversubscribed as a first choice for student accommodation since opening in 2012, with the University suggesting it will seek to extend its six-year lease period to rent out rooms.

Emma Sandford, a first year student living in Block D, described the new bedrooms as ‘really spacious’ with a ‘big bed and a good quality en-suite’.

The spokesperson added that it is ‘far more popular than most other university residences’. The University has advised prospective tenants of Central Village, ‘There are ongoing building works nearby which will continue throughout your residence – we do not recommend Central Village if you want a quiet environment’.

The project is part of a wider strategy to evaluate and develop all halls of residences at Leeds.

Danny Anderson

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