Lower Than Atlantis @ The Key Club 08/10

In a packed Key Club, Lower Than Atlantis take to the stage to deliver an exclusive secret set. They’re
rock stars; yet their demeanour suggests otherwise. Frontman Mike Duce is charming throughout
the night and coolly exhibits a rare honesty in his gratitude for fan support. At one point Duce tells of
their ‘weird day’ in which they had to play in HMV ‘with the lights on!’ Obviously a major rock star

Nevertheless, armed and ready, the band explodes into ‘English Kids In America’ sending the club
wild. Hands are up and voices cheer; one gets the impression that the fans are in a very special
place, for soon Lower Than Atlantis will not be playing small clubs anymore. Although the sound at
times is a bit murky, no one can deny the tightness of the band itself. Along with fan favourites ‘Ain’t
No Friends’ and ‘Beech Like The Tree’ Lower Than Atlantis perform their recent single ‘Emily’ and
every single word is recited back to them. Despite the vocals sounding like they’re being recited in a
cave, the band power on through with a myriad of voices singing along to help. There is one
exception; the bands’ rendition of ‘Love Someone Else’ is rather tepid, however, when the band
launch into ‘Here We Go’ all doubts are dispelled. For this song the soundman has got his act
together and the full package is delivered; finally.

Their show demonstrated a band in transition. The concentration of dedicated fans illustrates
the cult following Lower Than Atlantis have whereas the fact that small gigs like this are advertised
as ‘secret’ shows illustrates the band’s ever-increasing popularity. Despite suffering some technical
issues, the small show offers the fans a real opportunity to engage with Lower Than Atlantis on a
level that just can’t be achieved in a bigger venue.

Jake Leigh-Howarth

photo 1: fkpscorpio.com
photo 2: the-anthem.com

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