What Rich People Wear For Halloween

Lauren is an 18 year old first year English student so forgive her for being naive, inappropriate or achingly cringeworthy – she’s new to this. To put it simply: she enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle but has fallen into a spiral of “detox-retox” (that is, religiously drinking vegetable juices but still succumbing to alcohol/pizza at the weekends). She likes fashion, but is by no means fashionable. She likes to think she’s a careful person but has a tendency to break expensive things. Watch this space.

If the mere mention of ‘fancy dress’ and ‘theme’ is enough to make your palms go sweaty, Halloween is likely to be a time of dread and despair. I think everyone has experienced the conundrums of dressing up at Halloween; trying to find the perfect balance between looking scary and remaining presentable enough to be ok with bumping into a hot stranger. Nonetheless Halloween is still one of my favourite times of the year and ‘what are you going as?’ is equally my favourite question to ask.

For this reason, Heidi Klum is my go-to person to (guiltily) idolise at this time of year. If there existed an annual award for best effort for Halloween Heidi Klum would win it every year. If you’ve never seen any of her legendary costumes then Google search them now. Seriously. Right now. From a real life Transformer, complete with mechanical knees and a shed load of purple glitter, to an 80-year-old version of herself, Klum never fails to disappoint. Obviously the supermodel-turned-TV-presenter has a millionaire’s bank balance but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a token of inspiration in her liquid latex wounds – to put in the effort at least.


Here are 6 other celebrity Halloween costumes that I love to hate (to love):

  1. Iggy Azalea as Cruella Deville

In 2003 Iggy dressed up as one of the most dreaded characters from my childhood: Cruella Deville. Armed with a fur coat and a real life Dalmatian dog, Iggy completely nailed her efforts at fancy dress and managed to look scary (in a powerful ‘I’m going to kill 99 puppies and not give a sh*t’ sort of way) whilst still remaining really, REALLY attractive. So why not be like Iggy and dress up as everyone’s least favourite antagonist for Halloween this year. Dalmatian dog optional.

  1. Michael Kors as a random French man

Ever the fashion man, Michael Kors once dressed up as – wait for it – an actual French man. Although I’m not entirely sure how that’s supposed to be scary, he certainly looked good.

  1. Supermodels as, um, vampires?

Standard outfit + plastic teeth = vampire, according to a string of models anyway. This is probably one of the easiest, most fail safe adaptations for Halloween dressing up. Poundland anyone?

  1. Many celebrities as many characters from The Addams family

It seems like just about everyone has dressed up as someone from The Addams Family and it’s not hard to see why. All you need is heavy black clothing, porcelain make-up and a wig relevant to your character of choice. Wednesday is the best option here that way you can carry around a little bottle of ‘poison’ (read: vodka), go around rolling your eyes and muttering hints of homicide without anyone thinking much of it.

  1. Beyoncé as a bumble bee

In 2013 she dressed as up a bumblebee. I guess being stung by one IS pretty scary. And if it’s good enough for Beyoncé…

  1. Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace

Ok this one doesn’t really count but Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction does make for an incredible Halloween costume. Dressing up as a drugged up, dancing lunatic does sound strangely appealing and, technically, Uma Thurman was dressed up when she played this role – just not for Halloween.

All that being said I still have no idea what to dress up as for this coming Halloween. Granted that the above-mentioned costumes could cost stupid amounts of money, I don’t think my efforts will quite match their high standards. To be honest, I’ll probably just buy a lipstick from MAC’s new Rocky Horror collection and call it a day.

Lauren Drury

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