Bargain booze for Wine lovers chosen by Wine Society

Want to learn a bit more about wine? We spoke to the Wine Society to find out why it’s so popular this year and got some tips on the best cheap buys available in Leeds.

About: Wine Soc are a social, open group whose mission is to source wine from independent companies, especially from around Yorkshire, and to avoid the Supermarkets. This year, the membership and popularity of Wine Soc has doubled, with their recent event, David and Goliath, selling out in two days.

Where: Tuesday evenings, in Room 4 at half 7

Membership: Works on a tiered system. From £8-£60 per semester. Full break down is listed on the LUU website

Special events: Wine Soc are organizing a wine festival in February. They are inviting independent merchants to take part and share their brands. They also host fortnightly events into town: from tastings to dinners.

Interesting Fact: Joining Wine Soc gives you the chance to meet your future husband or wife. Two members who met and fell in love through this society last year are getting married.

The wines:

– Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Cotes du Rhone – Red – £7 (discounted in Sainsbury’s Hyde Park local right now!)

Aldi’s Toro Loco Tempranillo – Red – £3.75

Percheron  Grenache – Rose – £6.99 – Independent Wine stores

Cono sur Bicicleta – Light Red – £6.99 – Independents and Supermarkets

Ca di Ponti Cataratto £6 – white – found in most independents

Casa Maria Verdejo £6 – white – Latitude, a wine merchant in Leeds City Centre

Maddy Keating

Photo: Sam Broadley

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