Students stand with community over ISIS

Demonstrators gathered in Leeds city centre earlier this week in solidarity with the Kurdish town of Kobane.

According to the organisers, over 130 people were present at the peaceful demonstration held in Dortmund Square, in response to ISIS attacks on the town bordering Syria and Turkey.

Kobane was besieged last Tuesday when ISIS militants were spotted mounting their flag on a hill. Turkey has recently faced criticism over its refusal to allow Kurdish fighters to cross the borders to fight against ISIS.

Postgraduate student, Christine Gilmore, who helped organise the protest said, ‘ISIS has driven more than 200,000 Kobane residents from their homes and tortured and executed them.

We further call on David Cameron to put pressure on the Turkish authorities to open a corridor to allow arms and aid to reach the
fighters defending Kobane’.

Abla Klaa


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