Weekly Chart

Artist: Ekranoplan

Track: Coil

Label: All Caps

Deep-but-punchy, Bristol/ London styles from UK favourite Kowton and Julio Bashmore.


Artist: nthng

Track: Community

Label: Lobster Theremin

Powerful yet humble, stripped back techno from newcomer ‘nthng’.


Artist: Hodge

Track: Flashback

Label: Hotline Recordings

A seven-minute trip of psychedelic looped bleeps that rolls along on some very weighty bass.


Artist: Todd Osborn

Track: Medium

Label: Running Back

Shimmering synthesizer goodness, retro – inspired instrumental pop jam. 


Artist: DJ October

Track: Jaffa

Label: Skudge

Dub techno epic, repeating piano chords are overlaid by a sidewinding synthline. 


Author: Ryan Hennebry

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