Lorry driver in M62 crash: “I never drive careless”

The lorry driver on trial for causing the death of Leeds student Bethany Jones in a motorway accident has spoken  out in court.

First-year nursing student Jones was riding the mini-bus on a hen-night when they collided with a lorry. She died from her injuries.

Kevin Ollerhead, 43, was asked by the prosecutor in court whether he thought his driving had fallen “short of the mark.”

Ollerhead responded:

“I’ve driven for 20 years and that day I drove the same way.”

He added: “I never drive careless. I do not get angry. I’m a professional driver.”

Mr. Ollerhead also described the incident of the crash, which took place in April 2013 when a 24-seater coach was hit from behind by Ollerhead’s lorry.

“Everything stopped and froze,” Ollerhead told the court.

“I think I braked, but I’m not sure. I was injured and bleeding. It felt as if I had been cut by hundreds of needles.”

“I heard screaming coming from the minibus and I saw the devastation.”

Ollerhead’s words come days after the sister of victim Bethany said she blamed the minibus driver’s “idiotic” actions.

Bus driver James Johnson has already admitted to causing death by dangerous driving at a previous hearing.

The trail is still ongoing.

Sean Hayes

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