A cut above the rest: free barbershop invades the Union

Phone networks and haircuts are not regarded as a match made in heaven, but a mobile phone company is set to disprove that theory today.

Co-operative phone network giffgaff are offering free haircuts to students as part of their latest marketing campaign.

The pop-up stall, featuring a series of hairdressers from Total Barbers’ Academy, will appear in the Union from 3pm today.

Giffgaff said: ‘Since giffgaff reinvented the meaning of the word ‘boss’ so that it no longer applies to one individual because at giffgaff, we’re all the boss.’

‘We are now hitting the road to make students across the UK feel like the boss with a brand new barnet.’

The promo campaign will be hitting universities across the country, including Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham.

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