As summer transitions to autumn and autumn to winter (rather quickly in Leeds) we find ourselves crying out for the comfort of the warmest materials we can find. Fear not, though, our prayers have been answered with the resurgence of furs and shearling and its back bigger and brighter than ever. But who can we thank for this saving grace?


Looking through fashion history, we hail back to the golden age of Hollywood. The women were glamorous and the fur was luxurious. Coats and stoles hung elegantly off women and helped create the image we now envy for its sheer decadence.

As we know fashion comes round in cycles and recently we have seen a resurgence of fur on the runways. So, let’s return to this season where textiles have benefitted from advancements in technology, giving us evolutions in pattern and print; and what an evolution it has been! The neutral and natural shades have been tossed aside and the colours brought out. If the style didn’t make enough of a statement before now is the time where furs and shearling are to be worn to make an impact

In the major fashion houses we see lashings of fur. At Prada bold and bright coloured shearlings were favoured. At Miu Miu we saw pastel shades in long haired sheepskin which created gorgeous fluffy coats. Burberry kept it cool with the resurgence of the classic aviator style shearling. Of course not even our student loans can cover the cost of this investment. Thankfully the high street is there to provide us with affordable alternatives. With such a bold style Topshop inevitably has it covered, and we can also look to H&M and River Island for more classic styles at even more affordable prices.

Matthew Williamson: Front Row - London Fashion Week AW14

Yet how to wear these gregarious fashion pieces? With the loudness of colour and texture it should be clear enough that simplicity in the rest of your outfit is key. Skinny jeans and plain white tees for effortless cool during the day. To transition into evening add some heeled boots and chunky gold jewellery or alternatively play with contrasting textures. Leather look jeans and a silk shirt in black teamed with bright shearling and furs.

Your coat should be your statement piece. Have fun with it!




Isla Tweed

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