Leeds’ Icons – Hyde Park Picture House captures perfectly the early days of cinematic entertainment

As the twenty-eighth Leeds International Film Festival draws closer, it’s time to focus the spotlight on this little cinematic gem located at the heart of Hyde Park. Opened on 7th November 1914, the Hyde Park Picture is celebrating its centenary in less than a fortnight. The building boasts nine fully working operational gas lights making it the only gas lit cinema remaining in use in the UK, and a decorated Edwardian balcony that mark it as a Grade II listed beauty. With its façade featuring simple pillars and the bold name emblazoned above the entrance, it exudes a grandeur that mimics the Grand Theatre, and rightly so. Because of its quaint beauty and rich history, this is a building that captures the early days of cinematic entertainment, and creates awe in any visitor.

Words and Illustration: Jasmin Vincent

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