Durham destroyed in Badminton battle

In their second game of the season, Leeds Womens Badminton 1’s secured an impressive 7-1 win over Durham 1’s, grabbing their first 3 league points after a disappointing loss away to Loughborough last week.

In the opening singles matches Helena Lewczynska showed her superiority and skill by winning both games in relatively quick succession.

However, the other single match, featuring Serena Midha, was more of a closely fought affair. The first game was even throughout, and the tension rose when the score reached 20-20. After a series of excellent rallies, Midha’s perseverance finally paid off as she won the game 27-25. Due to this extension in play, her opponent from Durham seemed to tire in the second game and didn’t show as much resolve, with Midha obtaining her second successive win. This excellent form from both single players was taken into their next matches, which were also won, taking the score to 4-0 Uni.

The double pairings of Harriet West with Jojo Minihan and Lizzie Hunt with Rae Lamour were also extremely successful in the majority of their games, showing excellent communication and movement.

However it was in the opening round of double games that Durham gained their only. Nonetheless the match lost was mostly even, and tightly contested and tense third game was necessary to give Durham their first point in the overall contest after Leeds and Durham won one game apiece.

The team showed that they could bounce back from the defeat against Loughborough last week, and bounce back in style. A well-fought 7-1 win against a strong Durham side will provide encouragement for the rest of the season.


Nancy Gillen


Image courtesy of sport.leeds.ac.uk

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