S.A.D. Seasonally Appropriate Decisions

For the truly sartorially invested, shifting from one season to the next can be a tumultuous experience. When we’ve spent our summers dreading the first bite of frost and enjoying those few hours where it was just-about-warm-enough for bare legs. However, it seems every year just as we’re reluctantly hanging up our florals and warming to the idea of a piece of shearling hugging us into the wind and sleet, the fashion capitals turn this on its head.

Every September New York kicks us off with the standards for what we’ll be wearing next summer. ‘But how can this be?!’ echo millions of voices as we are stood straddling the seasons; the vibrant brights we have been looking forward to trying this winter in one hand, the other still clinging to the hem of the season-just-gone’s black and white a-line number.

Alas there is hope yet! Some trends just keep creeping in from season to season, changing and evolving each time. Which means the savvy shopper can use their mystical powers of prediction. There is opportunity to invest in items that will translate fluidly through the mood swings of seasonal transit.


  1. Pretty Power.

Known more for spring than winter this lace riddled pretty-girl phenomenon crops up every year with a new face on the same body. This winter designers have swooned over sheer fabrics, floral watermarks on fabrics and cascading skirts that looked either full of secrets or woodland creatures. The focus remains first and foremost on the most dainty and luxurious of fabrics. However, from spring to winter this year the focus has been more on the elusive side of things. Though these women appear flighty and stereotypically feminine, they pack a punch. Whether it be summer’s fierce contrasting structure or winter’s gothic take on things, this is a trend not for the faint hearted. Feminists take note, this is a great sartorial opportunity to shake things up.


  1. Monochrome Magic.

Black and white is always a safe bet from all sides. Flattering, chic, minimalistic and also a chance for experimentation. This winter Dries Van Noten printed eye-boggling swirls on a structured coat, whilst Balmain had top-to-toe clashes in peplums and pencil skirts. A fresh way of wearing this is choosing a side; keep it restricted to one piece or clash different prints from piece to piece. Combining metallics with the look also feels cool and futuristic.


  1. From the Sole.

Sportswear is always at the forefront of a designer’s minds come the summertime and this year was no different. Scuba chic took over channelling inspiration from a more obscure sport giving the look a fresh and, again, futuristic face. The trainer, however, was the most essential item. Female cries of joy rung out from the shows as it sunk in that we could be comfortable whilst being completely on point. Well our heels are saved for yet another season and are set to be blister free even until next summer. The high street snapped up this trend and Topshop and H&M filled their stores with a plethora of options. H&M are a go-to must with their metallic numbers which straddle two trends as well as two seasons. Because after all we have to have our chameleon wits about us. Go forth and juggle.


Jessie Florence Jones

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