Trend Alert: The hiker boot

This week’s Trend Alert will have caught the eye of anyone with a shoe fetish, especially those who seek praticality over aesthetics. The hiker boot, or more specifically Timberland Orginal in sand, are making quite the revival. Often associated with long walks and even climbing mountains, these boots are far from chic and with a starting price of £110 they are not exactly cheap.

Thankfully the high street always thinks of our student budget and various knocks offs are now available at Topshop and Firetrap who do black alternatives. I have even seen some in a small clothing shop in Milan’s central station. The hiker boot is definitely an emerging trend on campus with both boys and girls. For girls they look great with a red sock and mom jeans and boys can pretty much wear them with everything. They are sturdy for all the walking we do to and from campus, or the city centre, and if or when the snow hits you’ll be the most prepared!

They also seem a firm favourite with Rihanna and the Kardashians but I would head to Lookbook for some inspiration on this trend or Tommy Hilfiger’s A/W 14 catwalk collection.


Freya Pélissier

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