Cameron ‘pushed’ by Leeds protestor

David Cameron has been rushed into a waiting car after a member of the public collided with the Prime Minister, according to reports.

The man confronted the Conservative party leader, outside of Leeds Civic Hall, and was immediately apprehended by security officers.

Police were said to step in after the incident occurred, which has been described as a security breach.

The man was seen wearing a hooded green and yellow top, and ran into the path of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister was in Leeds to discuss plans for the ‘HS3 link’, which would create faster transport connections between Leeds and Manchester.

West Yorkshire police have since released the protester and in a statement said that his actions had been “nothing sinister, just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

The incident comes just weeks after one of the biggest security breaches in House of Commons history, when a protester threw a large bag of marbles at a protective screen during Prime Minister’s Questions. The protester reportedly shouted “answer the bloody questions!” as he was taken away by parliamentary security.



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