Freeview Flicks of the Week: Drive, Footloose and The Cabin in the Woods

In the Middle’s best weekly freeview flicks picks is here! This week we cut loose  and get spooked by ghosts!

TUESDAY – Secrets and Lies (Film4 01:00)

Mike Leigh is one of Britain’s favourite directors, known for his realistic films tdepicting ordinary lives. Secrets and Lies is one of his most popular and famous, and it certainly grabbed a lot of attention. Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays a successful black woman, who traces her birth mother to a lower-class white woman in a story where secrets and lies are revealed. With riveting performances and an intense story, it is a great film.

WEDNESDAY – Footloose (Film4 20:00)

Although Kevin Bacon may be the last person you want to see on your screens (thanks to those annoying EE adverts) he is the face of Footloose, a film worth a watch this Wednesday night. Everyone knows the song, but not many of have seen the film. A classic eighties film that embraces all things song and dance, it will cheer you up.

THURSDAY – Drive (BBC3 22:00)

Nicholas Winding Refn’s popular film has been in the news this week, as Radio One DJ Zane Lowe has announced that he is currently crafting an alternative soundtrack to the cult film. The soundtrack is certainly the best thing about the film, which to be honest is more style than the story. The cinematography is certainly stunning, with visceral aesthetics that are as striking as the electro-fulled pumping soundtrack.

FRIDAY – Poltergeist (Five 23:55)

It is Halloween, and even though you are probably going out, it is essential to watch a horror film or two. On channel Five on Halloween night is a classic horror film, Poltergeist, that is guaranteed to give you a fright. A classic horror story surrounding a family home that is taken over by ghosts. With Spielberg as a writer, you know it is going to be well-made as well as scary. It puts modern horror films to shame.

SATURDAY – Red Lights (Film4 21:00)

Our Robert De Niro film of the week is Red Lights, a journey into the world of paranormal activity and psychics. De Niro plays a world-renowned psychic, who is currently under investigation by the ever brilliant Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver in their studies of paranormal activity. De Niro was the perfect man to play this role, with an incredible presence on screen that steals your attention. Murphy and Weaver are also rather brilliant in this twisty tale that is perfect for a Saturday night in.

SUNDAY – The Cabin in the Woods (Five 21:00)

Every now and again, a modern masterpiece is released in cinemas. Strangely enough The Cabin in the Woods will be one of those films, a film that delves into the horror genre and really exposes it in a unique and highly intelligent manner. Enjoyable as an absurd horror film, and even more so if you are interested in the horror genre, it is one of the best films of the last decade and the less you know the better. Just know it is rather brilliant.

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