Swipe Right has a clear message: put your phone down and experience the world

Swipe Right explores the influence of dating network app Tinder through an upbeat and often entertaining production featuring an ensemble of six creative individuals. It was entertaining to see a satirical slant on dating apps, yet the message at the heart of the production was clear: put your phone down and experience the world! This viewpoint was gleefully supported by scenes of couples throughout history displaying the courting systems of their respective times to a humorous melody of music.

The minimalist set was complimented by the production’s creative use of the acting space, which often incorporated the audience whilst the cast performed both on and off stage. Swipe Right was indebted to a supportive audience and while it was a precarious decision to incorporate audience interaction in a theatre that holds an intimate size of around fifty spectators, the particular section in question certainly tickled its audience.

Although there were a few technical hiccups, the energy of the performers remained undeterred and the show was enjoyable throughout its fifty minute duration. It does raise the question however, of whether a production’s sound effects and music quality can indeed impact the overall impact of an otherwise high standard piece of student theatre.

Open Theatre Society should be proud of its variety of productions and Swipe Right is certainly no exception. Student theatre is very much an active sub culture within the union, and it is enlightening to see original and current work performed here on university grounds.

Mark McDougall

Image: stage.leeds.ac.uk

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