Million Pound Makeover for LUUBC

The brand new £1,000,000 boat house has got the Rowing Team very excited.

After a year of work, it was opened in September to a very happy team. The boat house will save time and money for the members of the society. It is located at Thwaites Mill in Stourton.

For years, the society have been using a facility in York for training and storing the boats. The rowers had to leave Leeds at a painful 6am in order to train. The travel time and cost of train tickets has limited the number of training sessions the society could organise per week. The new boat house gives the team flexible training times and allows them to gain more experience on the water.

Rob Wadsworth, Head of Sports, told In The Middle that he hoped the new facility would encourage more students to remain as members and encourage overall membership numbers.

He said: “I am really excited to have something in the city.”

Wadsworth added that he hoped the new facilities would bring the student society and city team, Leeds Rowing Club, closer together as they will share storage and training.

Members of the society are really pleased with the new facility. They told the magazine that the cycle route to the boat house is quick and allows them to warm up before rowing. The route usually takes less than 30 minutes and runs along the canal.

About the Society: They welcome all abilities to join them and there are four different areas you can learn in, whether you want to take part in competitions or just have a splash on the water.

Where: Land-based training takes place on a Monday in the Edge Sport Hall 2, 5pm – 6.30pm and on a Thursday in Cromer Terrace, 6.30 – 8 pm. Everyone is welcome to these fast paced circuit sessions aimed at improving core strength. There is an extra session for the senior team.

Special Events: LUUBC Boathouse Celebration Ball on the 15th November

Interesting fact: The team beat Leeds Met at Varsity with a score of 2-1 this year.

Contact if you’re interested in getting involved.

Maddy Keating

photo: Sam Broadley



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