Postcard from Abroad – Buenos Aires Argentina

David is a delightful young man with the voice of a very Mancunian, 14 year old Alan Carr. He is a firm believer that all problems can be solved with a nap and Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. Aside from using his year in Buenos Aires to become Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, David hopes to finally get a decent sun tan, and the 6’2″ Latino Adonis of his dreams. Improving his Spanish would be good too.


It’s safe to say that, three months into my year in Buenos Aires, this voyage of self-discovery has helped me see the person that I really am: a champagne millionaire on a lemonade budget. Coming from the Moston/Harpurhey area of Manchester, famous for its knife crime and McDonalds, has meant that the excitement of this country has overwhelmed me. A weekly all-day terrace party in the sun seems to have become the norm, complete with giant inflatables, confetti and even a pet micro-pig that someone brought along for a day out. Nights out are in great excess thanks to a 9-hour university timetable. A personal highlight is the gay club Club 69, which features eccentric drag queens and remixes of artists from New Order to Donna Summer. Having strutted out of the womb on a rainbow, it’s my definition of heaven.


And the Gatsby lifestyle isn’t restricted to nights out. The opportunities to travel have been equally as tempting and ten times more detrimental to my bank account. Visiting Iguazu Falls, one of the natural seven wonders of the world, and Oktoberfest in Córdoba have been unforgettable experiences which cannot be summed up in an introductory blog post, so expect more on them soon, accompanied by some gorgeous photos.

In conclusion, thanks to my ostentatiousness and complete disregard for the value of money, I am starting to truly believe that I’m Moston’s answer to a Kardashian. I’ll have to leave you there because Spring just started so I best get sunbathing on my terrace and I’ve got a last-minute trip to Uruguay to organise.

Lots of love,

David Robinson

P.S. I’ve been sunburnt for the last two days and I’m over £1250 into my overdraft – for the love of God send help immediately.

Image credits: David Robinson, ilkerender

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