Give a spit and save a life with Leeds Marrow

Feeling compassionate? Sign up to stem cell donation. Leeds Marrow are hosting their biggest sign up event in Riley Smith Hall from 9am-5pm on Tuesday (11th Nov). Last month, the society reached their 500th sign up and are hoping to creep closer to 1000 next week.

Currently, 60% of those who need a life saving stem cell transplant get their best match, and chance of long term survival from various blood disorders. If you sign up to register, there is a 1 in 100 chance of saving someone’s life. With 500 sign ups so far this year, there are 5 potential life savers from Leeds University alone. Students are making a real impact on saving lives. Leeds Marrow said: “There’s no other charity around Uni that can claim to see their work pay off, when they hear a student they signed up has gone on to donate and save a life”.

In the Middle asked why students should sign up. The society said: ” On Tuesday, we’ll be stood around the union asking people to spend 10 minutes to fill in a form with their details and spit in a tube to provide a sample to put them onto the register, probably the easiest and most worthwhile thing they’ll do that day. Even if they just want to come and ask questions and enquire we’ll have loads of info there with us and would love to see anyone interested come down and talk to us.”

Leeds Marrow are the biggest student run branch of Anthony Nolan with around 150 volunteers who work hard at events throughout the year for this cause. Last year, the society signed up 2,308 people from uni and around the community, and raised over £13,000 at various fundraisers across the year. They hope to build on this success this year.

Leeds Marrow want to thank Leeds and its students for signing up so far this year and hope to see more on Tuesday to help save a life.

Maddy Keating



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