Trend Alert: The Cape

To many of you, the cape may not be ‘edgy’ or even be considered ‘cool’, but it is this season’s commodity, so why not give it a try? Many of the capes that appeared on the catwalk alluded to ethereal beauty and feminine innocence, such as Valentino and Alexander McQueen. However, with a bit of immagination and resourcefulness this trend could get you ditching the hooded puffer coat for good.

Start by looking for a cape in black or a bright bold colour, like electric blue, for example. This transforms this trend instantly from fairytale princess to modern instigator. Next look for a cape that at least reaches your mid thigh. This not only creates movement as you walk, but it is all encompassing, so you’ll be that bit cosier. The fabric is also important. Interfaced cotton or wool will create an interesting silhouette; the traditional cape style. Or you can go for something with less support and structure that will hang close to the body. This would be a great choice when you want to layer a cape over shorts or a skirt.

There are plenty of capes to choose from on ASOS and in other high street stores such as Mango. There you can find a gorgeous Alpaca wool-blend cape for £69.99

Freya Pélissier

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