Gastronaut heads to Outlaws Yacht Club

gastronautThere is no reason not to go. In fact, why haven’t you been yet? This café, bar, exhibition space and all round good hangout is tucked away on New York Street, making use of local produce to knock up an array of homemade humbleness from breakfast time till tea.

IMG_0600On our visit, Outlaws was the perfect place to hide away from the cold night. Tea lights filled the room with a warm glow, small glasses filled with peachy alstroemerias making us forget the bitter cold lurking outside. As we snuggled down into their low slung sofas, recordings from live music sets at Outlaws oozing from the sound system, glorious boards of food were brought our way. The cheese board boasted a Harrogate blue, a Barncliffe brie, a Ribblesdale smoked goats cheese and Swalesdale old peculiar – to be honest, I’m still not sure what this is, but it tasted good – coupled with pickled carrot, fresh sourdough bread and a divine spiced ale chutney, full of sweet spices and subtle booziness. Then there is the meat board, lavished with a selection of cured meats from local farm, The Greedy Little Pig. As for dessert, a vegan cake anyone? We must recommend the salted caramel brownie, a truly gooey and utterly sumptuous treat. Outlaws offered us a selection of culinary treats, and a well-stocked bar means you have a great choice of drinks to choose from to wash down your food.

Outlaws certainly have the price right, meaning this place is perfect for the student purse. An array of offers run throughout the week; you can enjoy one of their glorious meat or cheese boards and a bottle of wine for £15 on a Tuesday, 2-4-1 cocktails on a Wednesday and get a good 20% student discount on any day that isn’t a Friday or a Saturday.

But there is more to Outlaws Yacht Club than food and drink, including their unique events. ‘Chinwag’ is an evening of easy going conversation, over a drink, with an assortment of interesting guests, including Andrew Weatherall, Creation Records head-honcho Alan McGee, celebrated artist Pete Fowler, best-selling author Bill Brewster and most recently, singer songwriter Anton Newcombe. Unlike a Q&A, this is an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, hear a few of their tales, find out what makes them tick, share some insights and ask a few questions too. Check out their website for a list of their upcoming events, but if you can’t make it, go down and admire their exhibition space, housing the work of different artists every month.

For a laid back dining experience, where food is mixed with unique music, art and events, there is nowhere quite like Outlaws Yacht Club, which is far removed from the chains that dominate our city centre. Lose yourself in low level lighting for a while, and let the university stress melt away. If you really want to fit in, a hipster beard might help.

Katie Dawtry

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