Review: Jungle Jam, Celebrating 21 Years of Jungle

If you’re a fan of Jungle music and live in Leeds, then it is more than likely you attended Jungle Jam’s most recent sold out event ‘We Love Jungle’. It is a night set up to celebrate 21 years of Jungle music, as well as serving as a commencement of the upcoming ‘We Love Jungle’ awards. On Friday night Mint Warehouse played host to a stellar line up, featuring the likes of Top Cat, Grooverider and Ragga Twins.

First to take over the main room was Omni Rhythm who set the tone for the rest of the night with a killer set from 11-12am. As always, the sound system did not disappoint. The floor to ceiling rigs in each room provided a ground shaking bass that had the walls vibrating. There was a buzz of excitement among revellers in the main room as they awaited Top Cat’s highly anticipated set. The crowd went wild when the first notes of ‘Friend In Need’ blasted through the monumental speakers. Top Cat was without a doubt one of the highlights of the evening.

Another notable set came from renowned Junglist and DJ, Kenny Ken. Notorious within the Jungle scene for his diverse and energetic sets, it was only fitting that he be there to celebrate two decades of Jungle in the main room. The night was tied together with an impressive yet intimate set from Vital Techniques who took over the outside room. The upbeat choice of tracks, as well as the striking light show, made sure the crowd left on a high.

All in all, the night was most definitely a celebration and I for one can’t wait for the next event. Be sure to join Jungle Jams Facebook page for more information regarding upcoming nights.

[Joy Haggard]

Photo: Jungle Jam Official Photography

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