Costa Rica: Sun, surf and unspoiled bliss

Bordering Panama, Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity. What’s more, it has the highest population density of plants and animals species in the world. It is ecologically unspoiled, promoting conservation, protection and sustainable use of ecosystems.

Monte Verde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde-Cloud-Forest-ReserveVisualise walking through the clouds. Above you, below you, either side of you, a white mist hangs. Its moisture and humidity is sticking to your skin. Your breathing is increasing as it becomes affected by the high altitude, and the smell of dew is filling your nostrils. Nothing seems real.

Suspended mid-air, soaring through the clouds, metres above the tree tops at a rapid speed, zip-lining offers tourists an adrenaline packed and exhilarating experience. It gives you the chance to view the rainforest in its entirety and see what’s lurking up in those canopies – This adventure isn’t for the faint hearted.

Although its lush-green rainforests make the perfect backdrop, the journey to the Cloud Forest is notorious for its awful roads and road surfaces. Lacking in road signs, its narrow, winding, and rocky passages and vertical drops make the drive feel more like an amusement ride.

Montezuma Waterfalls

IMG_8810The waterfalls in Montezuma are a must see. Although open to the public, up until recently some of these waterfalls were virtually undiscovered, so you are unlikely to find many tourists. You will need sunscreen, water and a good pair of hiking boots as you are about to embark on a 15-25 minute climb to the water falls, using the stream to guide you. The falls range in height and there are many with swimming holes and rope swings. However, be cautious – some swimming holes aren’t as deep or shallow as you may first think. On these rivers you’re likely to encounter some exotic animals, such as Roseate Spoonbills (these look somewhat like pink flamingos), river otters and Jesus Christ Lizards. You may also hear the echoing sounds of the monkeys gibbering and some unusual birds chirping.


Malpais – Santa Teresa

playa_mal_pais_crtWith miles of white, sandy and rocky beaches, warm water and smooth waves, the sleepy village of Malpais is every surfer’s paradise. If you look out to sea, the coastline is dotted with bleach blonde surfer dudes and their boards, paddling through the waters and conquering the waves. The island caters to both beginners and pro-surfers, offering various other outdoor activities, such as quad biking and horse riding. The streets are scattered with stylish boutiques, delicious restaurants, tattoo parlours and nutritious juice bars for when you’re done with the day’s activities. The island has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and being sparsely inhabited and quiet, it’s the perfect beach getaway.

Talia Balkin

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